Architecture as a dream interpretation  

Alessandro M. Crostarosa

After almost forty years working, sometimes with extremely intense periods, I have reached the conclusion that there is still a lot to be learnt.

The three things, above all, stand out to me and have allowed me to further my career: listening to others, having the ability to represent ideas first on a piece of paper and acquiring the necessary intuition to amaze not only myself, but other people as well. In my opinion, it is not entirely essential for an architect, especially of a senior age, to master all the commands of the programmes and technology available today that seem to never end.

Whereas, to create spaces, volumes, pathways, therefore emotions, it is fundamental something much more rare; the insight, that one sprouts up if the seeds are inside us, that one with its own 'personality' which comes out by itself. Just to surprise us.

Afterwards, to carry out the idea, act our vocational education, experience and then sensitivity which conveys to the project its own autonomy: the architect forget himself to let 'talk' traditions, forms, functions,  becoming only their interpreter.

                           Four terraced houses                                          Búzios Estado do Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL
                             Gilka fashion house                                                 Londrina Estado do Paranà BRAZIL
                           Three terraced houses                                              Curitiba Estado do Paranà BRAZIL

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Country Club                                                           Renovation Archt. Renato Artigas's building and construction of three olympic     tennis courts.                                                                                                                                                                           Londrina Estado do Paranà BRAZIL

                                                      Empório Guimarães                                                             First transformation of old warehouse into a restaurant and discotheque in the   urban renewal context.        
Londrina Estado do Paranà BRAZIL


                                                                                                                        Two semi-detached villas                                                                                                                         Curitiba Estado do Paranà BRAZIL

                                                                                                             Piano Bar -  Kalahari Discotheque                                                                                                            Londrina Estado do Paranà BRAZIL

                                                                                   First Empório Guimarães - Restaurant Discotheque
                                                                                                                         Londrina Estado do Paranà BRAZIL